As we all know water is basic need for human body but to drink fresh and purified water is indispensable. In this crucial time of Covid-19 when we are sitting at home with our family waiting for this crisis to end, there is a section of our society who is not getting enough water even for drinking or cooking. Matt Damon who is the co-founder of Water.org in his recent interview with CNN said that ‘’Water is PPE’’ (Personal protective Equipment). Drinking fresh or pure water does not only quench our thirst it also keeps the body hydrated and save us from different type of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, polio, diarrhoea. This is the high time when we have to defend us from this pandemic and this will only happen with the strong immune system. In order to build our immune system strong fresh food and pure water plays a vital role


Presently many diseases are caused due to lack of pure water. Currently due to many ecological crisis and pollution, getting pure and safe water is not assured. This makes many people to devour the impure water. According to the survey of WHO nearly 785 billion people are lack of safe drinking water and nearly 144 billion people are dependent on surface water for their drinking needs.

1. Consumption of impure water leads to many dreadful diseases like Cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. It is estimated that around 829000 people all around the world are affected by diarrhea. The bad part is that many people who are affected by these diseases are mostly from low income and industrial countries.

2. Even if we have not seen the symptoms of diseases like Cholera, diarrhoea, etc., due to consumption of impure water, we will be effected with long term diseases like polio, florosis, lead poisoning, etc.,

3. Due to the industrial waste and chemical composition in pesticides which are widely in use now days, the water diseases are increasing day by day.
4. The people who are completely dependent on surface water are facing a great issues where they might suffer with some diseases like polio, lead poisoning, etc.,

Many countries are moving forward to safeguard people by providing the safe and pure water and US is a bit forward in it providing safe pure tap water to over 286 million Americans.

WATER Quality widely varies with the geographical location, climatic change; amount of human interference, etc. So, having an access to purified water is much of a basic necessity of life.


⦁ REMOVES TOXINS FROM BODY: Hydration plays a key role in flushing out of the toxins from the body; consuming purified water will help in escalating this process as it is free of contaminants & usually faster in absorption when compared to regular water.

⦁ IMPROVES TASTE: Purified water with mineral RO technology; not only adds the essential minerals that are lost through the purification process to the water but there by improves the taste of water, hence encourages consuming more water.

⦁ AIDS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Purified water promotes active absorption of nutrients from the food intake i.e. help full in weight control over time.

⦁ IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Purified water has 'zero' TDS {total dissolved solvents}, and is free of any harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, microbial contamination, oxidation etc. Hence, consuming purified water helps us to strengthen our immunity system; and falling prey to less no of diseases in general.

⦁ IMPROVES VITALITY: Drinking purified water hydrates and revitalizes our body cells i.e. helpful in active participation in day to day activities and indeed feeling lees tired & inactive throughout the day.

If safe drinking safe water is in our possession, then why to compromise, right? The intake of impure water leads to dangerous health issues. A major segment of the crowd loses their lives due to water borne diseases. One is trading off with their health if they are not consuming purified water. Purified water balances the functioning of the body. It keeps us hydrated and makes us look fresh 24/7. Purification removes contaminants from the water available to ensure safe consumption of water. Thus, drinking purified water is an asset to every individual.