Want to start accepting orders/ providing services :-

1. Login into your account

2. Click on " Go online" to start receiving nearby order requests/notifications based on your live location.

3. Once you click on "Go Online", you will be getting order notifications from your nearest customer. Order notification stays for 1 minute and whoever accepts the request first will get the order.

4. According to your feasibility you can accept the order.

5. If you don't want to deliver either you can reject the order or leave it as it is for 1 minute and the order will be accepted by other vendors.

6. Once you accept the order, you have to select "Start Service" and it will show the delivery location of the customer and also it will show you the best route to deliver your order.

7. Once the order is delivered to customer , you can click on "End Service" to complete your order.

8. Once you select "End service" , the amount to be paid and Invoice will be generated on the screen.

9. Once you get the payment from the customer , you can click on " Confirm Payment".

10. After that it will redirect you to rate the customer in which you can provide your valuable feedback

11. You can go to homepage to receive orders again.

12. If you don't want to deliver more orders , you can click on "Go Offline".

13. You can also see your pending orders in the "Upcoming Services" tab (the orders which you already have accepted but yet to deliver).

14. You can see the full detailed list of the past/delivered orders in "PARTNER EARNINGS" tab. You can also see your daily/weekly earnings in this tab.

Other Services and options:-

1. You can monitor your business and delivery guys by simply signing in to your account and don't click on "Go Online".

NOTE: "Go Online" option is there to start accepting orders based on your live location. If you only want to monitor your business you should only sign in and your delivery guys who are in the market should have to click on "Go Online" by signing in with the same User ID and password.

2. You can get multiple orders at a time. Also you will get multiple user access to a single account.

3. You can track all your orders online in the website/app. No need to call your delivery guys time to time to get an upadate.

4. You can deliver and operate to vast audience as we will be creating and marketing your online presence in the Global Market absolutely free of cost.

5. You can see your pending orders which you already have accepted but yet to deliver in the "Upcoming Services" tab.

6. You can see the full detailed list of the past/delivered/pending orders in under "Daily Earnings" available in the "PARTNER EARNINGS" tab.

7. You can also see your daily revenue,reports and earnings generated for the current date in the "PARTNER EARNINGS" tab.

8. In addition to this you can also see the full summary of all your services :

- You can see the total no of deliveries/services with complete order details in the "Total No.of Services".

- You can see your total revenue/earnings generated so far from the delivered orders.

- You can also see the list of "Schedule Services" you have. That is the pending orders which is yet to be delivered.

- Your acceptance rate based on how many orders you have missed or cancelled by your end