We do have a lot of questions on the water we drink. Is the water safe? Is it filtered well? Is it free of toxins? We become a bit interrogative when we give it a thought. The water available encounters numerous operations to make it drinkable. Speaking about it in general, primarily the water taken from the resources available is first examined if it is suitable for the further procedure.

The water undergoes ozonisation, sand filtration, mineralization to make it free from unwanted particles. After all the procedure the water go through it is sealed and is dispatched for sale. It takes lot to just manufacture a bottle of Rs 20. After all, safe drinking water is a BASIC NECESSITY of every individual.


With the increased water pollution, filtering the drinking water became mandatory in present days. We have different purification methods for safe drinking water. Want to know few of those methods? Here we go!!


It is the traditional and simplest way for filtering the water. Boiling the water for a good amount of time kills many bacteria in the water, making the water safe to drink. All the dead micro-organisms and chemicals residues settle at the bottom of the vessel. It is a well-Used filtering process used by our ancestors since ancient times.


Recently, many people are using water-purifiers for safe drinking water. Generally a water-purifier uses different stages to purify the water including UV and UF filtration and carbon-block. Even the present water-purifiers are using advanced water filtration technology which eliminates most of the chemical residues and bacteria present in the water, promising the better quality of water at its level.


Reverse Osmosis is the latest purification process most of the people using now-a-days. In this process, the removal of heavy chemical particles, ions, etc., can be done using a semi-permeable membrane. In recent years, many people are using RO systems in their houses for water purification which assures the safe and pure water.


Generally many people buy the pure water and again they filter the water in their home in order to have a proper safe drinking water. In the same way, Double Filtration method promises the water filtered twice to remove bacteria and harmful chemical contaminants in water. In double filtration we have three approaches, • Water is passed through two or more slow sand filters which are arranged alternatively. • Water is passed through two or more rapid sand filters. • Water is passed through rapid sand filter and then to slow sand filter. In all the above processes, the last one is used widely for water filtration.


In this process the water will be purified in three stages. Stage1: It is a sediment filter where the dust and heavy mud particles will be removed from water. Stage2: It is a carbon filter where the activated carbon removes the chlorine residues in the water. Stage3: It is a reverse osmosis filter where the reverse osmosis method is implemented to remove the harmful bacteria and chemicals like arsenic, lead, etc., from water.


• Water chlorination • Distillation • UV radiation • Purification by clay vessel • Ion exchange, etc.,


We have been a part of rapid human civilization; where over the centuries we exploited our natural resources to a serious point; because of which we are observing CLIMATE CHANGE&GLOBAL WARMING, which includes polluting our natural drinking resources as well!!

Drinking water and blood pressure

Drinking water is important for our body but fresh and pure water keeps our body hydrated. There is a strong connection between water and blood pressure that can’t be ignored. Normal blood pressure is the main benefit of drinking water. Dehydration is a major reason for low blood pressure. Not drinking enough water also leads the blood to thicken. But excessive water may lead to different problems like thyroid, kidney and other liver diseases. When we fail to drink enough water the body will balance through sodium retention, which can lead to high blood pressure. Drinking 500ml of water helps to expand plasma volume. Within a few minutes it increases the standing systolic blood pressure by more than 20 mm hg. Drinking water also helps to detoxify the blood. With the help of this process, water is able to remove excess sodium, and lastly this is a great way to reduce blood pressure. Considering the amount pollution we are observing today; drinking water directly from traditional resources is no longer considered safe; As in today’s day and age , due to urbanisation [ where density of population increasing in metro cities like [ Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai etc.], there was drying up of bore wells and contamination of fresh water resources is observed ; due to which people are falling prey to various Hazardous diseases like Typhoid, cholera etc..



The Sources of water pollution are can either be a. POINT/PARTICULAR b. NONPOINT/DISPERSED Point source examples include discharge outlets like a sewage pipe or a smokestack. In contrast, nonpoint source pollution originates over a broad area. A parking lot or farm field surface runoff is an example of nonpoint source pollution.



Hence, drinking water that is not properly treated or disinfected, or that travels through an improperly maintained distribution system, also may pose a health risk. Therefore, with increase in pollutants in drinking water making traditional purification methods like a) Boiling water b) Filtration c) Clay pot filtration d) Cloth filtration e) Chlorine treatment Is not necessarily sufficient anymore, as harmful effluents like industrial chemicals, pesticides cannot be effectively tackled through it... So, switching to PURIFIED WATER [modern purification methods] is non-negotiable.

Modern methods of filtration evolved from 3 step to 10 steps also with today's availability of technology and research.


REGULAR WATER: Has a chance of contamination through human activities /improper sanitation/natural heavy metal contaminations..; making it not safe for drinking purpose ; as it may lead to infectious diseases and various other health concerns PURIFIED WATER: On other hand purified water, can save you from various waterborne infections and aids in maintaining good health in general.

Transportation and Distribution of Drinking water:

As we know drinking water is a basic requirement for life and a determinant of standard of living. Poor quality of drinking water supply can result in many diseases like diarrhoea, polio, hepatitis A, and typhoid. In most of the rural part of Karnataka, people are facing health problems due to inadequate water use. These problems are not only with the people of Karnataka but with the whole country. On 13 July 2019, Karnataka state government has declared 3122 regions to be affected by drinking water supply. This situation arises because of lack in government planning, corporate privatization and government corruption. NITI AYOG claimed that by 2020 many major cities of India like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai will run out of ground water affecting 100 million people. This report also said that by 2030, 40% of Indian people have no access to drinking water. No one can doubt that water supply in India increased greatly from 1980 to present but still many people lack access to clean water. In India water supply is a state responsibility under the Indian Constitution. The municipal uses filtration and sterilize technique such as chlorination to remove the organic and in-organic pollution from the water. Then the process of distribution starts and water delivered to homes, offices and other apartment through a vast network of pipes and pumping stations. In some cities like Bengaluru water travels more than 100 kilometres before reaching to our home. There are some drawbacks of municipal water distribution in India like the water body are so polluted that any water sourced from that will require considerable treatment to purify that. Majority of population is using filtered water for drinking and cooking because the number of municipal water purification in country is very less.

GOOD WATER, GOOD LIFE, stay healthy, stay happy...!!

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