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Our App connects you with our nearest delivery partner to fulfill all your water needs at doorstep and ensuring on-time delivery.

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To make things easier for our customers, we support multiple payment options, including cash on delivery as well.

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Know the status your order of cans at all times till it's getting delivered to your doorstep.

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Quality is our top most priority and we only approve vendors who have a proper and hygienic manufacturing unit


Get flexibility while choosing the Brands and No.of cans. Also get constant notifications and reminders to ensure you don't run out of water at any time

Customizing your Delivery Experience

You can also order even if you are not at home. Schedule delivery allows you to select a date and time for your delivery.

Customer Experience Ratings

We consider our customer feedback to understand how happy they are with our services and how good is the provider in handling complaints.


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You have a business and we have a platform. We will guide you and help you keep a track of the progress and analyse and grow the business at a distinct level.

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Tell us your motive and we will arrange a progress path designed specifically for your project in a personalized way. You can achieve your goal with the help of our platform.

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Really an awesome user friendly app to solve the daily requirement of such a human need which is the necessity for every one.. App to order on a TAP.

Snehali Mohapatra

Loved the service of this app. They are quite helpful & responsive in delivering the water in required time.Thank you for your services and all the best.

Shravan Punna

Very useful for Hyderabad city where getting good quality of driking water is the most common problem thank u for over coming this.

Amita Pradhan

Unique Selling Propositions

The ever existing void and rigidity in the water industry is now filled with our cutting edge technology which will automate the traditional market.
  • Our AI based algorithm ensures minimum delivery time and reduced cost of delivery. The Algorithm is designed to precisely speculate and make the most efficient connection, hence benefiting the user as well as the supplier. It's a win-win apprehension.
  • Artificial intelligence is ruling the market and we are adapting it to connect users to their nearest vendors & ensure them faster delivery. Thereby, saving time and cost of transportation and other overheads.

  • Managing one's inventory is an essential task. We provide an excellent inventory management platform to all on boarding vendors to handle and manage their production in the most appropriate way.

  • Innovative Business Intelligence reports, Analyzing the growth your business and keeping a track on your profits with one ultimate platform, will make your process of planning and organizing business simple, neat and accurate.
  • Online Growth of a business has become the nerve of the modern era.
    Grow your business visibility online.
    We create dynamic virtual market for you to provide your services effectively through our platform.
  • The flexibility of Bulk Order is simplified according to all your needs such as events, parties and business conferences.
    You can book up to 1000 cans in a single go, and we will connect you to the appropriate supplier.
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As we all know water is basic need for human body but to drink fresh and purified water is indispensable. In this crucial time of Covid-19 when we are sitting at home with our family waiting for this crisis to end, there is a section of our society who is not getting enough water even for drinking or cooking.
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The water available encounters numerous operations to make it drinkable.
Speaking about it in general, primarily the water taken from the resources available is first examined if it is suitable for the further procedure.

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Generally many people buy the pure water and again they filter the water in their home in order to have a proper safe drinking water. In the same way, Double Filtration method promises the water filtered twice to remove bacteria and harmful chemical contaminants in water.

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